Microsoft Windows 11 Enterprise Product Key Activation Method

After you get the product key, Right click the computer / this computer -> click Properties -> pull to the bottom -> change the licence key to activate or activate the system.

Note: The key is copied and pasted directly, which can effectively reduce the error probability.

6506 e028 EFD, EE2, ee7 and other codes at the end of the error code are network congestion, and you can enter the error code several times.

1023 error code means that you input the wrong key and other error codes. If you can’t activate the screenshot to the shopkeeper, there are ways to deal with the error codes.

The Prompt Error Message

Activation State 1

“We can’t active Windows on this device because the product key was already used on another device. If you think it wasn’t used on another device, select Troubleshoot below. Error code: 0xC004C020”.

Press and hold the win key + R key to input slui 4 (note that there is a space in front of 4), then press the Enter key to select China, and send the 9 groups of IDS to me (send them to me at one time)( Email: [email protected] )