The difference between activating and deactivating Windows 11? What are the benefits of activation?

1. When Windows 11 is not activated, the watermark that Windows needs to activate will appear in the lower right corner of the desktop. It will have a great impact on daily operations, such as forcing the content into the process of screen recording and screenshots. Give people a bad look and feel.

2. When Windows 11 is not activated, it is impossible to personalize the desktop background and theme. The wallpaper and theme color will become gray, and the Microsoft account will not be synchronized, nor can the main settings of the account be synchronized on the Microsoft device. The user experience will drop a lot every time you turn on the phone.

3. When Windows 11 is not activated, the performance will be affected in part. Part of the power consumption of Windows’ inactive CPU will not be released, and the virtual memory of the computer will often account for more than 3G. Whether you play games or watch TV, you will feel stuck when using project files.

4. The Windows 11 system is not activated and cannot use the synchronization function of Microsoft account. It can synchronize settings on different Microsoft devices.