The free [activation tool] will cause 100% system poisoning, crash or blue screen! Do not use [activation tool] for free!

“Activation key” is an official string used to activate the system. You only need to input this string of characters in the system to activate the system. Our product code is a regular way. It is easy to operate and can be completed by novices. There is no need to worry about poisoning the system;

The “activation tool” is a tool to crack the genuine verification of the system. Generally, the website provided by the “activation tool” will require the user to close the anti-virus software and close the system firewall. Their reason is “false alarm of anti-virus software”. In fact, it is not. The real situation is that these “activation tools” will implant Trojan viruses into the system without the protection of “anti-virus software”, The easiest thing to identify is that the home pages of all browsers on the system will be modified, and the user can never change back. Moreover, these viruses will always lurk in the system, monitoring the user’s every move, including the user’s entered account and password, the opened website, and the logged in wechat will be transmitted to the hands of criminals. You can even turn on your camera and microphone at any time, Monitor users’ behavior in life;

If the user reacts at this time, it is too late. It is useless to open the “anti-virus software” to check and kill at this time. The virus has controlled the system and can also control the “anti-virus software”, so that the “anti-virus software” thinks it is safe and has no threat; In this case, the virus can only be completely eliminated by reinstalling the system or even re brushing the BIOS; Therefore, those who have some knowledge of computers generally do not use activation tools; If there is any doubt about this description, users can download the activation tool to try. The simplest way is to open the activation tool and then open the browser, and you will see that the home page is not the previous home page;

Conclusion: the “activation tool” is effective. It can be activated for 180 days, but there is a virus. The poisoned users have no privacy and become a machine for others to make money; Not recommended! “Activation key” is effective and permanently activated. It is a formal way provided by the official. There is no need to worry about poisoning; Highly recommended!