Visual Studio 2022 Installation Tutorial

1、 VS Installation

1. VS official website: click here

After entering the official website, find Community 2022 (Community Edition) — developers can use it for academic purposes for free and open source.


2. After clicking in, the vs.exe file will be automatically downloaded (as shown in the figure below):

3. After downloading, as shown in the figure below, click to Next.

4. Installation completed

After the installation is completed, you can select the workload. It is recommended to check what you can use. Selecting all will occupy a lot of memory. If the learning content is increased later, you can still download it again. If you only want to learn c/c++, check it as shown in the following figure.

5. Installation position

Click Change to change the installation location. For the three files, you have selected different folders on disk D, as shown in the following figure (Note: VS IDE is placed in the default location, which may run faster)

6. Complete the above operations, click Install, and wait for the download to complete.

2、 Test installation succeeded

1. Create a project

Step 1: Open VS and click Create New Project

Step 2: Click on the empty item

Step 3: Enter your own project name in the project name; select the storage location of the project in the location (it is recommended to create a separate folder for storing the project in the future) and finally click Create to complete the project creation.

2. Create a source file

After the mouse finds the source file, right-click, click Add , and then click New Item . After selecting the c++ file , change the storage location and source file name , and then click Add to complete the creation of the source file.

3. Write code

Once the project and source files have been created, the code can be written.

4. Compile the code + run

  • Method 1: Shortcut key ctrl+f5
  • Method 2: Click on the local Windows debugger

5. Running results

The running result is shown in the figure above, which proves that the VS2022 installation is complete, and congratulations on the completion of your own first c language project.

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