Is it necessary to upgrade Windows 11? Is win11 worth upgrading?

Is it necessary to upgrade Windows 11? It has been a while since Windows 11 was launched. The new system has attracted the attention of many users. Many small partners are still wondering whether to upgrade Windows 11 on their computers.

Is it necessary to upgrade Windows 11?

People who can upgrade Windows 11

1. Tasting Fresh People

Some netizens just like to test new systems and applications. When the first test version of windows 11 was launched, they might have installed and tried it out. What these people like most is that there are problems in the system one way or another, and then finding ways to solve these problems is their daily pleasure. These people need to upgrade to the latest window11 system.
These netizens are generally old birds. They can solve the system problems themselves and are not afraid of the system collapse at any time.

2. Novice with multiple computers

Although some netizens are new to computers, they have more than one computer. That is to say, they are not afraid of computer problems. Even if one of them has problems, it will not affect their normal use. These people can install the latest version of windows 11 system on their own computers. When they see that there is a problem with the system, they can reinstall it at most.

3. People who want to try

Like the author, some netizens like to share some software trial skills or system operation methods with others. We like to install some latest versions of Windows systems. Even if there are problems in the trial, we can solve them ourselves. At the same time, we will write methods and skills to solve such problems and share them with you.

People who do not need to upgrade

1. Hardware conditions

We know that in addition to the minimum hardware requirements, Microsoft’s Window11 system also adds TPM2.0 support. Before installing Win11, it is necessary to check whether the computer supports the TPM chip function. Then, does your computer support the TPM2.0 function? If your computer was purchased three years ago, it may not support tpm2.0, and upgrading is not recommended at this time. Although it is said that there are n ways to crack the TPM problem, Microsoft’s official confirmation that the absence of TPM may increase the number of system crashes.

2. Beware of Microsoft’s new system

Although Microsoft’s windows 11 system has pushed many beta versions and patched many problems, after all, windows 11 system is a brand-new system launched by Microsoft. According to previous experience, Microsoft’s new systems will have problems of one kind or another, and it is common for them to crash in use. Therefore, for computer Xiaobai or users who need computer office, it is best not to upgrade first to avoid affecting the normal use of computers.

3. Use of computer

We know that under the same hardware conditions, Window11 runs more smoothly than Window10. Window11 runs much faster than Window10 under the same hardware conditions. However, if you just use your computer to play a drama, chat with friends, or even edit documents with your computer, it is unnecessary to upgrade to the latest Window11 system, because Window10 is competent for these functions, Even Windows 7 is enough (I’ve seen people using XP in some companies).

4. People who use computers at any time

If you need to use a computer to complete your work at any time, and the absence of a computer will affect your normal work, it is not recommended to upgrade to the latest Windows11 system. As we said earlier, there may be some strange problems due to the instability of Windows11 system, which will affect your normal work.

Finally, I suggest you try it. We should embrace new things. Not abandoned by the world.